Admirable Boletus Mushroom

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Admirable Boletus Mushroom growing the forests of Vancouver Island
Admirable Bolete Mushroom, Photo By Bud Logan

The Admirable Boletus Mushroom is also known as the velvet top mushroom. It has a semi-sweet, spicy aroma and a slightly milder taste than the king or red cap boletus mushroom. This mushroom grows all over Vancouver Island. Sometimes in the hundreds. Its quite amazing to see them growing in such abundance, and to take some home for the frying pan is wonderful.

The admirable boletus mushroom has a reddish-brown color to it. The upper surface of the cap is roughened by many small hairs. The Underside of the cap has a spongy layer which is yellow to greenish-yellow but does not bruise blue. The head can be more than 15 cm wide. The stalk is colored like the cap and is often 10 cm or more in height. The stalk tapers as it grows and can be twice as big at the bottom. The spore print is dark olive to brown.

Unlike most other boletus which grow on the ground, the admirable boletus is quite often found growing on dead logs. They like to grow in conifer forests. This mushroom is delicious and you can find it growing on all parts of Vancouver Island and it is quite common. The small ones taste the best.

Admirable Boletus Mushroom growing in the forests of Vancouver Island
Admirable Bolete Mushroom, Photo By Bud Logan

When you are out in the forest, searching for mushrooms, keep your eyes open and you could see black bears, blacktail deer, roosevelt elk, or maybe one of the smaller creatures like pine martins, raccoons, squirrels, mice ( they love these mushrooms) that live here. Look up to see the various birds that bring such life to the forest, there are so many in the fall. Bring your camera and have a great day.

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