Red Squirrel

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The Red Squirrel of the BC coastal region

The red squirrel is grey to rusty red in color, and white or grayish-white underneath, with its tail being similar in color to its back fur. The coat is noticeably duller in summer.

Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel, Photo By Bud Logan

Red squirrels are abundant in any type of forest (coniferous, pine, mixed, or hardwood), and are often around buildings. They inhabit much of Canada, most of BC, and all of Vancouver Island.

This animal feeds heavily on pine seeds, and in the fall, it cuts green cones and buries them in damp earth. Its other foods include: nuts, seeds, birds eggs, young birds, & fungi.

It builds its nest of leaves in a hollow tree, hole in the ground, or tree crotch. There are 3 – 7 young born in March or April, with sometimes a second litter being born in August or September.

The squirrel is a chatterbox with a variety of calls to announce its home range or the presence of intruders. I love hearing them telling each other that we are in their forest!

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