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Skutz Falls

Skutz Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Skutz Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

The Skutz Falls Trail will lead you to the falls. On the way, you will pass through breathtaking canyon scenery, filled with old giant trees. The trail is easy-going and well-built. This is a very popular trail and there could be thongs of people walking along it.  If you want to see the falls in all their glory, I suggest you hike the trail in the off-season, there are no people and the falls are roaring. While the trail is great during the dry season, this is not so during the winter months. The trail running along the south side of the river can be somewhat of a challenge due to several steep sections and lots of mud.

Mushroom, Skutz Falls, Vancouver Island, BC
Mushroom, Skutz Falls, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Forrest Logan

The trailhead is right at the parking lot, head down the trail right off or take a minute and go out on the trestle to get some incredible views of the river. The trail goes through some wonderful forests, and you will see a huge variety of mushrooms during the rainy season.  You will see Mayo Creek with its own waterfall as it joins the river. Look upriver to get views of Skutz Falls.

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