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Bald Faced Hornet

Bald Faced Hornet, Vancouver Island, BCBald faced hornets build large nests and defend them boldly, these hornets are a member of the wasp family. Although we call them hornets they actually are not a hornet but one of the many types of yellow jackets found in the pacific northwest. Read More….




Paper Wasp

Paper Wasp, Vancouver Island, BCIn North America, there are over 22 species of paper wasps. Paper wasps belong to the genus Polistes There are over 200 species of these wasps worldwide. They can measure up to 3.4 cm in length. Their bodies are usually dark brown in color, with black wings and yellow markings. Read More….



Yellow Jacket Wasp

Yellow Jacket Wasp Nest, Vancouver Island, BCYellow jacket wasps can generate fear in people when they are seen hovering around a garden or an outdoor activity. This is particularly true of people who have previously experienced a sting. Outdoor picnics are usually visited by yellow jackets because of their attraction to the various foods there. Read More….



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