Golden Moonglow Lichen

Golden Moonglow Lichen, Vancouver Island, BC
Golden Moonglow Lichen, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The Golden Moonglow can be found on rock bluffs and boulders. The golden moon glow lichen is a small round lichen. It is usually no bigger than a dime but noticeable because of the way the dark, disc-shaped fruiting bodies in the center turn greenish-yellow outer edges.

One unusual aspect of this lichen is its squamulose form. A squamulose lichen falls somewhere between the leafy foliose lichens and crusty crustose lichens and has tiny, curled lobes around its outer edges.

The golden moon glow lichen grows all over the BC coast, the pacific northwest, and most of North America. It is a very common lichen.

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