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Sailfin Jellyfish

Sailfin Jellyfish, Vancouver Island, BCThe Velella or as we call them, sailfin jellyfish begin their lives in the middle of the ocean, sometimes after a prevailing wind, it will wash up on the shore in the thousands, l saw this last year on Vancouver Island. We were hiking on the northwest coast of the island and there were many thousands of them washed up on the beaches. Read More….



Sea Anemones

Sea Anemones, Vancouver Island, BCSea anemones are not plants, but predators that will attack and eat any small animal that strays within reach of their deadly tentacles. They come armed with tiny poisonous darts and powerful enzymes that can dissolve a small animal in just minutes. Read More….



Sea Blubber Jellyfish

Sea Blubber Jellyfish, Vancouver Island, BCThe sea blubber jellyfish (also known as the lion mane jellyfish) can have a bell that reaches up to a meter or more in size and its tentacles can be up to 9 meters long. You can find them from Alaska to California and they can be seen on all parts of the Pacific Northwest, they prefer inshore coastal waters. Read More….



Water Jellyfish

Water Jellyfish, Vancouver Island, BCThe water jellyfish is very abundant in the Pacific Northwest and can also be found from Alaska to California. They are also known as moon jellyfish and as the Aequorea Victoria Jellyfish. They can reach up to 12.5 cm across the bell and about 4 cm high. Read More….



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