Saskatoon Berries

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Wild Fruit, Pacific Northwest

Saskatoon Berries, BC Coastal Region
Saskatoon Berries, Photo By Bud Logan

Saskatoon Berries , commonly known as Saskatoon’s, are purplish blue berries that grow on a bush. Other names used to describe this berry are service berries, June Saskatoon berries and Indian pear. These Berries look similar to blueberries with a slight variation in color and size. The berries are purple colored, and the size of berries varies due to different growing conditions.

First peoples used the Saskatoon bush for medicinal purposes, concoctions of the inner bark and roots were used to treat diarrhea and menstruation pain. A warm decoction made of the stems and bark, was used as a wash after child birth, it was said to relieve the pain and stop the bleeding and a tea made from the roots was used to prevent miscarriage.

Sometimes they boiled the inner bark of the Saskatoon to produce a cure for snow blindness, one drop of the strained fluid was placed in the affected eye three times daily. The berry is full of antioxidants, these antioxidants can reduce the effects of age associated oxidative stress and they also contain anti inflammatory properties.

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