Ucluelet, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Ucluelet, Photo By Robert Logan

Ucluelet, about 80 km from Port Alberni, is located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, at the westerly entrance of Barclay Sound, it is not a new settlement by any means. In 1899, there were about fifteen settlers living here. The First Peoples have lived here continuously for at least the last 5000 years.

There are many things for the tourist to do in Ucluelet, whale watching, bear watching, bird watching, fishing, surfing, hiking, biking, ocean kayaking or just strolling on the beach. There are some pretty cool trails that can take you to some of the prettiest beaches hands down. Sometimes you can see surfers during the stormy times, pretty awesome watching them in the wet and wild winter, surfing the big storms.

Ucluelet, Vancouver Island Communities, Pacific Northwest
Ucluelet, Photo By Robert Logan

Ucluelet has a population of around 1500 and is at one end of the Ucluth Peninsula on the west coast of Vancouver Island with Tofino occupying the other end. The area has an abundance of natural grandeur, wildlife, and big beaches.

Ucluelet is located at the entrance to Barkley Sound and the Broken Group Islands, a kayaker’s dream holiday place full of scenic paddling and wildlife watching opportunities. Ucluelet provides a perfect base for exploring the Pacific Rim National Park, this park is one of the most stunning national parks in Canada, a place of falling waters and misty rain forests full of giant cedars, beautiful beaches, and wildlife all around you.

I spent a year here in the early 70s and I think for me, the winter storms were my favorite times to head to the beach. The area is quite beautiful with many things to keep one busy, a great place to visit, a great place to live. So grab your board, wetsuit, and camera, load up the car and get over for an adventure on the west coast.

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