Moorecroft Park

Moorecroft Park, Parks, Pacific Northwest
Moorecroft Park, Photo By Bud Logan

In 1934, Gertrude Moore created Moorecroft Camp for women on the site of the current Moorecroft Park. she named the camp after her childhood home back in Ontario. Gertrude was the first Director of Physical Education at the University Of B.C., she ran the camp up until 1954 where failing health forced her to stop, at this time she sold the land to the United Church Camping Society. The United Church, in turn, put the land up for sale in 2009. In October 2010, the Regional District of Nanaimo voted unanimously to purchase the land to put to use as a Regional Park. By January 2013 the management plan was complete. It was completed using guidelines put forth by the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Conservation Covenant.

In the spring of 2013, the process of bringing the land back to a more natural state began, volunteer groups started by reintroducing native plants along with the removal of invasive species, old buildings deemed a risk and clearing out trails. There are a few buildings on site that may or may not remain, talks are ongoing at the moment.

Moorecroft Park, Parks, Pacific Northwest
Moorecroft Park, Photo By Bud Logan

The park is 34 hectares and includes incredible areas of shoreline that provide views that can take your breath away. 32 of the 34 hectares are basically a natural forest filled with Douglas Fir, Big Leaf Maples, Alders, Western Red Cedars, and Garry Oaks. Two of these trees have active Eagle nests. There are 2 seasonal creeks in the park that are pretty impressive in the wet months. The park also has wetlands known as Skipsey lake and numerous walking trails. Picnic areas with tables are available.

There is a group known as the Moorecroft Stewardship Committee that looks after the park, they were originally known as the Moorecrofters. The Moorecroft Stewards are involved in numerous community events throughout the year. These events are quite popular.

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