Beaver Cove

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Coves, Pacific Northwest

Beaver Cove Train
Train On Its Way Into Beaver Cove, Photo By Bud Logan

Beaver Cove is a small coastal community on Northern Vancouver Island, located on the cove of the same name. It is located at the mouth of the Kokish River, just south-east of Port McNeill and 3 km up the inlet from Telegraph Cove.

Beaver Cove
Beaver Cove, Photo By Bud Logan

It is the northern terminus of the Englewood Railway, which is named after the Wood & English Logging Company, whose former logging camp, now abandoned, was Englewood, it was located on the other side of the Cove from today’s community. Also nearby, to the north-east on the south-east shore of the Cove, is the community of Kokish.

The Namgi’s people are the original inhabitants from here and still lay claim to their traditional lands that make up a large portion of the territory.

When l was a boy, we used to have to take a ferry that ran between Kelsey bay and Beaver Cove in order to reach the north island. It was always a great trip. There was a good chance of seeing bears on the shore or orcas and sea lions in the water or other types of wildlife. There was always something of great interest to a young lad. I did enjoy those early trips up island with my dad.

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