Beaver Cove

Beaver Cove Train
Train On Its Way Into Beaver Cove, Photo By Bud Logan

Beaver Cove is a small coastal community on Northern Vancouver Island, located on the cove of the same name. It is located at the mouth of the Kokish River, just south-east of Port McNeill and 3 km up the inlet from Telegraph Cove.

It is the northern terminus of the Englewood Railway, which is named after the Wood & English Logging Company, whose former logging camp, now abandoned, was Englewood, it was located on the other side of the Cove from today’s community. Also nearby, to the northeast on the southeast shore of the Cove, is the community of Kokish.

The railway is no longer in operation.

Beaver Cove
Beaver Cove, Photo By Bud Logan

The Namgis people are the original inhabitants from here and still lay claim to their traditional lands that make up a large portion of the territory.

When l was a boy, we used to have to take a ferry that ran between Kelsey Bay and Beaver Cove in order to reach the north island. It was always a great trip. There was a good chance of seeing bears on the shore or orcas and sea lions in the water or other types of wildlife. There was always something of great interest to a young lad. I did enjoy those early trips up the island with my dad.

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