Black Tail Deer

Black-tailed deer can be differentiated from other types of deer that inhabit BC by their tails, which are all black, or brown with a black tip, hence their name. They also have a pronounced patch of white below their tails, on their rump.

There are 3 types of deer in British Columbia. The largest is the mule deer, found on the mainland. The smaller, Sitka deer, inhabits the north coast, and Haida Gwaii (the former Queen Charlotte Islands). Black-tailed deer, another small deer species, reside on the south coast, Vancouver Island, & the Gulf Islands. Deer found on offshore islands along Vancouver Island’s coast can be extremely small.

Mating occurs mostly in November, with 1 – 3 fawns being born in May or June. Mortality can be high, due to winter food shortages, and predation by cougars.

They are quite tolerant of humans and venture confidently into urban areas. Highway collisions, unfortunately, occur regularly… Those traveling along the Island’s roads & highways should keep a wary eye out for them.

Black Tail Deer, Vancouver Island, BC
Black Tail Deer, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Robert Logan

These deer have a great love of roses. I also love roses and try to grow them in my gardens. I have a lot of deer who love to visit my yard – but not so many roses for my vases!

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