Sitka Spruce Trees

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Coniferous Trees, Pacific Northwest

Sitka Spruce Trees, Coniferous Trees, Trees, Pacific Northwest
Sitka Spruce Tree, Photo By Bud Logan

The Sitka Spruce Trees are large trees that can reach heights of up to 70 m tall and 2 m across when mature. The largest known sitka spruce is 93 meters tall and 5 meters across. On the BC coastal region there are many giant sitka spruce.

The needles are greenish to bluish green, stiff and sharp. The needles are 4 sided but slightly flattened. There are 2 white lines on the top side and 2 skinny bands on the underside. The needles spiral along the branch and are attached by small pegs which remain even after the needles fall. The cones are reddish brown and hang from the crown. Their seed scales are thin and irregularly toothed. The bark is very thin, grayish brown and look like small scales.

It grows along the Pacific Northwest coast in a narrow band from sea level to about 800 m. Sitka spruce grow on all of the BC coast. Sitka spruce grows with western hemlock, western red cedar, and yellow cedar. Black tail deer, black bears and many smaller mammals abound in the sitka forest stands.

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