Atluck Creek

Atluck Creek
Atluck Creek, Photo By Robert Logan

The Atluck Creek Canyon runs through the Husan Cave System. There are a number of interesting karst features, including a natural bridge, and a large “cathedral” cave entrance where the creek flows underground for 60 meters. The bridge feature is unique to Vancouver Island. Trails lead you through the area to give you some really nice views of the river. These caves are just incredible, if you bring in a fishing rod, there is a good chance you might hook into a nice trout right at the caves, never fished here but always see nice ones swimming in the creek.

The canyon itself was probably formed by a surface stream that flowed underground and collapsed. Large limestone boulders around the entrance to the underground river cave indicate that this is still going on. The arch and bridge were created by water forces where the stream eventually wore through the rock face.

As the stream cut further into the highly soluble limestone, the rock bridge was left above water. Many of the other caves in the area were formed by groundwater flows. Seeing these caves during the wet season is incredible, but you can not get into the caves then, so on the other hand, visiting during the dry summer months is less dramatic but lets you wander into the caves.

Atluck Creek, Vancouver Island, BC
Atluck Creek, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Robert Logan

Atluck Creek flows through the Husan lakes and the narrows between the two lakes are where you will find the Husan Caves, the creek continues its flow and joins Atluck lake further down the system.

The area is quite beautiful and there is plenty of wildlife here, you could see wolves, bears, cougars, elk, deer and many other types of smaller forest animals and birds, this is a great place to visit, but bring your camera to take home the memories.

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