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Alder Trail

Alder Medical Trail, Vancouver Island, BC
Alder Medical Trail, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

There is a short but decent trail that can be found right at the Alder Medical Center, it is accessed from the upper parking lot, at the back end. When I take one of our family members to see the doctor, I usually head out to walk this trail while I wait for them to finish up at the docs.

For being in such an urban location, I am always amazed at the amount of bird life that can be seen here. I have seen many songbirds, but there are also squirrels and the occasional raccoons that can be found here in this hidden urban oasis.

During the spring, you can see a wide variety of wildflowers blooming trail-side. This is a very pleasant trail to just spent a few minutes walking along. I have seen lots of folks that will take their lunch and spent a bit of time outdoors to eat. It’s good for your well-being to get a bit of nature daily. This trail makes it easy to do just that.

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