Willow Point Park

Willow Point Park, Parks, Pacific Northwest
Willow Point Park, Photo By Bud Logan

Willow Point Park in Campbell River has so much to offer. the park has tennis courts, a splash park, a skate park, a Frisbee golf course, walking trails through an awesome forest, and the sportsplex, a multi-use facility.

The sportsplex is the centerpiece of the willow point park. the facility has a large gym, squash and racketball courts, weight room, activity rooms, and a kitchen, these are available for rent for meetings and events.

There are several sports fields that can be used for ball sports along with a beach volleyball court, frisbee golf course, and boccie court. There is a beautiful splash park located here that is very popular on those hot summer days. The skate park is one of a kind, well-built and well-used.

Willow Point Park, Parks, Pacific Northwest
Willow Point Park, Photo By Bud Logan

There are numerous short trails that wander through a beautiful forest setting, nice to get under the trees when it’s hot out, there is a small stream where you can see various ducks, grey herons, and a variety of songbirds. One of the trails connects to the beaver lodge land trail system where you can hike under a magnificent forest for miles.

The splash park is simply amazing. There is no charge to use the splash park. There are three sections, one for families, one for teens, and one for toddlers. Some water pieces are quite awesome, you will find a number of cool ones here, killer whales, fire hydrants, fishing poles, and over spilling bowls. There are change rooms and washrooms located right next to the splash park.

This is a very nice inner-city multi-use park that has so much to do, there are many awesome events held in the sportsplex, and walking in the trails is quite relaxing. I think it is one of the best local parks in Campbell River.

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