Foam Flower

Foam Flower, Vancouver Island, BC
Foam Flower, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The Foam Flower is a pretty woodland plant that has inspired gardeners to grow them at home, for their blooms, and for their ability to provide good ground cover. Vancouver Island woodlands boast a variety of wildflowers that light up the ground with their pretty blooms. Some are like little gems that are best appreciated close up, while others form a brilliant carpet across the forest floor that can take your breath away from a distance.

Foam flowers have white blooms that grow on a spike that rises above large heart-shaped or maple-like leaves that form an attractive ground cover.

The western Foam Flower grows primarily along the BC coast into Washington and on all of Vancouver Island. Foam Flowers are a source of food for Canadian wildlife. Their seeds and leaves feed birds, such as the ruffed grouse, while flowers offer pollen and nectar to local pollinators.

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