Marble River

Marble River
Marble River, Photo By Bud Logan

The marble river is a beautiful river, it is one of the best steelhead rivers on Vancouver Island. This is a classic river that is perfect for fly-fishing. The river is a joy to fish or just watch as it tumbles down through a series of rapids that are just full of fish, but remember, you must release all trout and char. The most popular fly-fishing location, known as the emerald pools, is located at the end of the trail.

This river runs from Alice lake to the Rupert Inlet. The Marble River Provincial Park is located along the banks of the Marble River and goes as far as the Quotsino Narrows. The Park offers excellent opportunities for wilderness hiking,  wildlife photography, and of course, fishing. One of the best mountain biking trails on the island is located in the park.

Marble River
Marble River, Photo By Bud Logan

Hike down the River trail to watch the salmon spawning in the fall, there is an awesome salmon spawning viewing area near the trailhead and also at bear falls. There is a fish ladder located at bear falls. Black bears use the park, especially during salmon spawning season, so please be bear aware. There is also the chance you might see other animals along this river corridor, you could see elk, deer, cougars, possibly a wolf, and some little ones like raccoons, pine martins, or squirrels. The bird and plant life is pretty awesome as well, so don’t forget to bring your camera when you visit.

Walk-in wilderness camping is allowed, and western forest products rec site offers vehicle-accessible camping adjacent to the park and trail. It’s a nice little site with great views of the river.

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3 thoughts on “Marble River”

  1. Love your site it gave me a good starting point for finding alot of rivers but I do have to ask how old are some of these memoirs about the fishing being good? Most of these rivers are a shadow of former selves . When was the last time you fished the mahatta or marble ?

    Keep up the content !

    1. I have not fished the marble for 2 years and the mahatta for 3 years. I would love to be able to fish all the rivers yearly, but that would not be possible. I am in the process of redoing my site and when i go over the rivers section, i will be talking about this.

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