Marine Animals

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Marine Animals, Pacific Northwest

Sealions, photo by Bud Logan

The BC coast abounds with a wild & diverse population of Marine Animals and plants. Whale watchers, naturalists, biologists & beachcombers journey from across the world to enjoy the natural beauty of our shores, while divers throng to experience the dazzling, water wonderland, below.

Our warm climate is a result of warm ocean currents, that support many thousands of plants & animals, from plankton to the blue whale, and every species in between. One can encounter giant octopuses, ferocious-looking wolf eels that will eat from your hand, along with sea lions, varied fish, and playful otters.

See for yourself…. Take a walk along the shore, or look at a tide pool during low tide, and notice how many different creatures you can spot.

humpback Whale

Our assorted ocean marine world is home to many marine residents, both year-round, and those that visit throughout the year. From very large whales to smaller otters, our seas contain such color and form that it’s simply overwhelming!

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