Bears Head Tooth Mushroom

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Bears Head Tooth Mushroom, Vancouver Island, BC
Bears Head Tooth Mushroom, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Robert Logan

Bears Tooth Head Mushrooms ( Hericium ) is such a wonder to behold. You can find these mushrooms growing on trees and fallen logs on Vancouver Island, looking like waterfalls frozen in time. There seems to be a variety of Hericium that grow on Vancouver Island but I think, in the end, we will discover that they are one and the same. They may seem a bit different due to habitat, elevation or environmental conditions. 

Hericium is not just a prime eating mushroom. They are very well used as medicine as anti-cancer warriors. However, to me, the most fascinating research with these mushrooms is in the field of nerve growth.  It is incredible to think that one we might be able to grow new nerve connections in paralyzed individuals and treat alzheimer’s and Parkinson using these mushrooms. We have always known they were brain food, looks like science is proving this.

Bears Head Tooth Mushrooms have a thick white stalk that attaches itself to a tree or log. From this you will see long white spines, there are many of these spines growing from the stalk, it looks just like a waterfall flowing out of the tree. The lion’s mane mushroom looks almost like this but it does not branch out like the bears head. Both are Hericium mushrooms. There are no lookalikes to these mushrooms, when you find one you know what it is with no mistake.

Bears Head can be found on the island growing in conifer forests, in other locals you might find them growing in hardwood forests when you find one, look around as they tend to grow in groups.

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