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Bald Eagle

The Pacific Northwest has a large population of Bald Eagles. Sometimes when the herring spawn begins, you can find them in the hundreds in trees that overlook the sea.

The adult bald eagle is easy to identify, but the immature birds are easily confused with the golden eagle, both have dark brown bodies, but the golden eagle has a much redder color to it and his head is almost golden. It is 5 years before the bald eagle fully matures.

The bald eagle will build huge nests made of sticks and will quite often return to the same nest year after year. Sometimes these nests can get to be over ten feet wide and eight feet tall.

Bald Eagle, Vancouver Island, BC
Bald Eagle, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Robert Logan

When l was a young man, l owned a couple of guide boats and spent my summers fishing with guests who were looking to hook into one of our big tyee salmon. Once in a while you would hook into a small codfish that would not survive the trip to the surface, instead of just throwing these fish back, I would keep them on board until l saw an eagle perched over the water in a tree.

I would tell my guests to get their cameras out and when they were ready to take pics, l would toss the small cod a short distance from the boat.

Upon seeing the fish, the eagle would launch himself from his perch and with majestic form, would snatch the fish from the sea with his bright yellow talons, providing my guests with some awesome photos to take back home.

There are so many eagles on our coast, and it is such a wonder to watch them as they go about their day.

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