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Little Bear Bay

You will find 15 nice spots to camp at Little Bear bay, this site is on the ocean at the estuary of the stream that flows out of Stella and Pye lake. The sites are for tent or trailer camping.

There are a rough boat launch and some great short trails to the waterfall that takes you through some giant fir trees. Here you can go hiking, trout, or salmon fishing and boating in the Johnston Straight area.

In the fall, the river fills up with salmon and the bears and birds come for the feast. You can sit at your campsite and watch them feed all day long.

Little Bear Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
Little Bear Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The road into little Bear Bay is good for 2-wheel drive and is very scenic, bring your camera and keep your eyes open, you might see elk, deer, or bears on your way in.

There is also camping on Pye lake or Stella lake, these lakes are close to little bear bay. These lakes are in themselves a great place to camp, plenty of campgrounds, both Provincial and BC forestry rec sites are all well maintained and the beaches are sandy. there are lots of campgrounds on McCreight Lake.

You can head over to the private rock bay campsite or the free elk bay campgrounds easily from here as well, all great places to camp.

Little Bear Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
Little Bear Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

At the end of the road, just before the gate to the fish hatchery is a bridge over the river, this is a good spot to see the returning salmon, and it’s here where you take the trail to the waterfall, It’s very impressive to see after the fall rains arrive at Vancouver Island. The trail is closed off right now because of erosion, but you can still hike around the problem with a bit of a scramble. It’s worth the hike, the falls are quite worth the effort.

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