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Botanical Beach Trail, Vancouver Island, BC
Botanical Beach Trail, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The west coast and in particular, Botanical Beach and the adjoining Botany Bay are quite beautiful. It is part of a much larger park.  The two beaches are incredible.

The San Juan Park covers a large portion of southwest Vancouver Island. The area became a provincial park in 1989. Juan de Fuca Provincial Park on the west coast of Vancouver Island is a wonderful park, it offers some incredible hiking along the 47 km trail that runs between Botanical Beach and China Beach.  You can hike into some of the beaches that have day trails to them where you can view the roaring surf and just possible, see whales just offshore. Juan de Fuca Provincial Park gives an opportunity to view these large marine mammals. The best time to see Grey whales is during their migration along our coast in March and April. Seals and sea lions can also often be seen playing offshore.

There are four main areas to the park: the China Beach Campground, the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, the China Beach day-use area and Botanical Beach. All these beaches are just incredible.

Botanical Beach, Vancouver Island, BC
Botanical Beach, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The beaches at both botany bay and botanical beach are full of a wide variety of sea life. Both plant and animal life is in abundance, and each has adapted to contend with the variable conditions found here. Please just look, do not disturb the sea life or take any from the beach.

Black bears and cougars can also be present at any time. Black bears can become used to feeding on garbage, so to avoid teaching bears about trash, please pack out what you pack in. Cougars normally avoid people and are rarely seen, but please leave pets at home if possible and watch over young children. Do not feed the bears, remember, a fed bear quite often becomes a dead bear when they learn that humans mean food. A bear becomes a problem when they get accustomed to human food and garbage and problem bears are quite often put down to avoid problems.

The trail between Botany Bay and Botanical beach is an incredible walk through a forest of windswept and twisted trees, its a beautiful place, a place of wonder. This trail is typical of most west coast beach locations, the trees are formed into contorted shapes by the winds. Every time l walk through this trail, l am amazed at its beauty, it is a fascinating hike. A hike that all should do at least once in a lifetime.

Botanical Beach, Vancouver Island, BC
Botanical Beach, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By By Bud Logan

Visit here in the winter for some incredible winter storm vistas but dress warm and wear rain gear as this is a rain forest. The winter storms on the west coast are something to see, winds can blow so hard that you can barely stand up and this is when you see the most daring of the surfers, out in the huge waves, grinning like cats chewing bumble bees, having the time of their lives.

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