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Cape Palmerston Beach, Vancouver Island, BC
Cape Palmerston Beach, Vancouver Island, BC, photo by Bud Logan

Cape Palmerston Beach, Photo By Bud Logan

Cape Palmerston is a beautiful, remote pebble beach on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island, the shoreline is pounded by severe winter storms that roll in one after another. You can see from the rugged coast right up into the tortured forests that are twisted into unbelievable shapes just how rough these storms can be.

Further back into the forest, it becomes vibrant with a lush undergrowth of plants and moss that flourish in the winter rains. The forests here are truly rain forests, lush and full of a vast variety of plants, insects and wildlife, a wonder to observe. Take your time as you hike into the beach, look around and look down, you will see what I mean. I see something that I have never seen before every time I hike into one the west coast beaches, be it a plant that is new to me or maybe a new insect, a bird I have never seen before. It’s all very exciting.

The shoreline along the north island has an abundant and diverse variety of marine life, walk the beach at low tide and check out the tide pools, you will be amazed at all the life in there, you can see starfish, sea snails, crabs, sea urchins, mussels, sea anemones, and many small fish plus so much more. But please look only, do not touch or take anything off the beach.

Cape Palmerston Cabin, Vancouver Island, BC
Cape Palmerston Cabin, VANCOUVER iSLAND, bc, Photo By Robert Logan

Take a walk along the forest trail that leads to the next bay and you will see a cabin that was built by a local resident. It is fully equipped with some basic food, a wood burner, foam padding for the bunks, please leave this cabin as you found it and make a note in the visitor’s log book so others can see where you were from.

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