Nanoose Bay

Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The first man to settle in the Nanoose area was John Enos. He was a young man who was living in Boston, it was 1858, John had been living there for 6 years but became bored with life there, so he sailed for British Columbia. After some incredible sea adventures, John arrived in BC.

He tried to find a career in mining, logging, and mill worker, but not being very successful in any of them, he decided to try farming, and he purchased some property on the Nanoose Peninsula, it was 1862. Clearing the land himself, he created an awesome farm that he named the Notch Hill Ranch. He lived in Nanoose Bay for the next 27 years, farming and helping others settle in the area with a helping hand and kindness, he gained much respect and became a piece of the area’s history.

Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Nanoose Bay was becoming quite the town, There was a power company that was creating explosives, a brick-making company, and a very successful sawmill that had a huge Japanese market. The mill was in operation until the second world war broke out.

The big companies all eventually closed their operations here and the area has now become a retirement area with world-class golf clubs, incredible lodges and restaurants, and beautiful marinas. In 1952, the Canadian Government built a navy base in the harbor that still is in operation today.

There are many hiking trails here and plenty of wildlife to keep your camera clicking, so what are you waiting for, grab your boots and come take a look.

When the tide goes out in the bay, you will see the crabbers walking along in hip waders, net in hand, searching for crabs, there are lots here, the tide goes out leaving a very long beach behind, it’s quite a walk to get where the crabs.

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