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Fanny Bay

The little village community of Fanny Bay is situated on southeast Vancouver Island, on Baynes Sound, it separates Vancouver Island and Denman Island. The bay overlooks the Strait of Georgia and the Gulf Islands, with the Coastal Mountains as a backdrop. The harbor is a beautiful little spot, always very active with boats coming in or going out, lots of oyster boats work in the area.

The bay first appeared in the 1864 edition of the Vancouver Island Pilot, based on surveys by Captain G.H. Richards of the Royal Navy.

Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Modern visitors are likely to be found surveying the silty shores in search of the oysters for which Fanny Bay is so well known. Many oyster farms are in the area, and you can buy freshly shucked oysters here to take home and enjoy without the shucking and bleeding part. At least l always seem to get bloodied up shucking oysters.

The bay is on the northern boundary of Lighthouse Country, a stretch of Highway 19 that runs along the shoreline from Qualicum Bay to Fanny Bay. It is a pretty place, with plenty of trails and activities to keep you busy.

There was a time when Steller Sea lions were found in the hundreds at the Fanny Bay wharf, but for some reason, about 2 yrs ago, they left. It was so awesome to watch and listen to these giants of the sea.

Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
Fanny Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

News flash, sea lions and seals are back and there are so many. At the end of August 2015, they returned and it is so great to see them back. Not only the sea lions are back, but many seals have also taken up residence here at the bay, tourists can’t get enough of seeing these sea lions up close.

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