Philodromus Dispar Spider

Philodromus Dispar Spider, Vancouver Island, BC
Philodromus Dispar Spider, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo Copyright By Sean McCann

Philodromus dispar spiders are widespread throughout the coastal region and most of the Pacific Northwest. This species is found in a variety of forested habitats, including broad-leaved & coniferous forests, thickets, scrub brush, home gardens, and our houses. They can be seen on woodland plants and the lower branches of trees and bushes.

This spider will overwinter in the litter, especially in leaf litter & plant debris which accumulates at the bottom of thick bushes, in tree trunks, and at the base of branches. Adults of both sexes are found mainly in early summer, females occasionally persisting into autumn and winter. They have also been seen in the dead of winter in homes on the coast.

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