Rock Bay

Rock Bay Marine Provincial Park is an awesome park in Johnstone straight that consists of a headland and 2 bays on either side of Chatham Point. The diving here is awesome, and the fishing opportunities are pretty good as well. There are lots to do land-based here, like visit the lighthouse at Chatham point, hike to area trails, and bird watching along the shore. Keep an eye on the straight as you could easily spot whales.

Rock Bay marine park juts out into the ocean at the junction of Discovery Passage and Johnstone Strait on the east coast of Vancouver Island, about 30 km northwest of Campbell River. It’s called Chatham Point.

Rock Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
Rock Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Those seeking marine recreation can head to Rock Bay for scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, and boating. Camping is available nearby. You can spend the day exploring this beautiful shoreline and sheltered anchorage. The park protects archaeological sites, marine ecosystems, and a small area of young forests onshore. It also has some pretty amazing views of the coastal mountains.

Facilities in the park include a boat launch ramp with a dock, parking, sani-cans, picnic areas, and walking trails. Water is available in the park, but as the water is not tested regularly, signs indicate that the water is not potable. Visitors may prefer to bring their own drinking water. There is a spring alongside the highway, just before you reach Roberts lake, the water is pure, sweet, and clean, bring a jug or two and fill up before camping.

Rock Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
Rock Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

There are no camping facilities at Rock Bay marine park, but a private campground is located near the boat launch. There are other campgrounds in the area including the pretty bay and camp area at Bear Bay, and campgrounds at Elk Bay, Stella Lake, and Pye Lake to the south of Rock Bay.

Otter Cove on the southeastern end of the park, in the Discovery Passage, provides a sheltered anchorage for small vessels waiting to navigate the nearby tidal passes. It’s a pretty little cove.

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