Callobius Spider

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Callobius Spider, Vancouver Island, BC
Callobius Spider, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Robert Logan

Hackle mesh weavers (callobius spider) are known to build irregular looking webs, in bark and wood debris. They can be found all over Vancouver Island. I hardly ever see them around our home, but often run into them, while out in our Island forests.

They are very similar to funnel web spiders, although those spiders mostly build their webs in grass & gardens around our house.

Both can live through the winter. Funnel-web spiders will move into our home when it gets chilly, but with our mild winters, hackle mesh spiders usually find a safe place under logs and rocks.

Physically speaking, they tend to have a 2-toned body, with a shiny looking cephalothorax, and fuzzy abdomen with a pattern. The red cephalothorax of the spider in the picture is a good field identifier for the largest members of the Callobius genus.

These spiders are very beautiful to look at and can reach a fairly good size when food is ample and winters are mild.

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